Skylights & Sun Tunnels


Berlin Roofing & Energy Solutions. installs VELUX Skylights. Bringing more light into your home, VELUX skylights can make any room feel more spacious and lift spirits throughout the seasons. VELUX Skylights also provide additional comfort through a choice of Comfort Low-E insulated glass or ComfortPlus Low-E, laminated insulated glass. The unique Low-E coating allows for maximum light and views while protecting against heat gain and UV rays.

Our Skylights also feature a streamlined exterior with a smooth, low-profile that does not obstruct your roofline. Pre-drilled frame ensures easy installation of optional electric operator and sun-screening accessories.


Sun Tunnel™ Skylights

While skylights are more common, Sun Tunnels are becoming popular. Very cool and versatile, a sun tunnel is perfect for a small space like an upstairs bedroom or bathroom, where you’d like to bring in a little more natural light. But it’s also useful in large spaces like kitchens where more natural light adds function and ambiance.  

A sun tunnel is essentially a tube that reaches through from a room’s ceiling to the roof. Typically it passes through an attic. Some sun tunnels are rigid where the passage to the attic is unobstructed; other sun tunnels are flexible and can be installed around obstructions in the attic.

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