Roof Inspections

Your home’s roof is exposed to the elements all day, every day. Sun, rain, snow, ice, hail, high winds – they can take a toll on any roof. That’s why it is important to have your roof inspected by a qualified Austin roofing professional from Berlin Roofing & Energy Solutions on an annual basis.

Berlin Roofing & Energy Solutions provides complimentary roof inspections for our residential customers.thCAR9XMLB Our experienced Austin home roofing experts will conduct a thorough evaluation and assessment of your roof’s condition, and provide you with a written report of what they find. Our inspection is on-roof, not just a quick look from the street or driveway! It’s the only way to view critical areas such as flashing, valleys, ventilation, soffits, and the roof deck itself.

Having your roof inspected is especially important following severe weather. Heavy winds, hailstorms and other weather phenomena typical of Central Texas can cause damage that is not always visible from ground level. Our 20 experience as home improvement contractors in Austin gives Berlin Roofing & Energy Solutions the experience to spot problems and potential issues on a roof that other Austin roofing companies can overlook.

For the best roofing performance, keep your roof and gutters clean and clear throughout the year, and call Berlin Roofing & Energy Solutions for an annual “check up” of your roof’s health.

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