Common Roof Issues


Cracked TilesCracked Tiles Homes with cement tile roofs often will crack and can be damaged after they have been walked on. Cracked tiles will allow water to penetrate past the tile and onto the felt paper. Prolonged sun & water on the felt paper can cause the felt to deteriorate and leak into the home.

Curved Cement Tile RoofsCurved Cement Tile Roofs Curved cement tiles can shift or blow off after a strong wind. Curved tiles along roof edges and ridges may also shift, due to the craftsmanship needed to install them properly during the roof installation.


Roof ValleyThe roof valley is designed to allow water to flow underneath the roof valley tiles and down a specially designed metal trough. When this passage is blocked with leaves and dirt, the water is forced to flow sideways across your roof, under the roof tiles. This can lead to seepage/deterioration of the roof underlayment and leaks into your home.


Improper FlashingImproper Flashing The sheet metal that is on your roof plays a very important role in protecting your roof from leaking. Flashing (sheetmetal) that outlines nearly all objects that project from your roof, is installed to direct water away from areas where it might otherwise be able to get under the roofing material and leak into your home.



Debris and Water DamageDebris and Water Damage Long periods of excessive debris and standing water can lead any type of roof to premature problems/damage. Water may not drain properly if debris is not cleaned. In some cases, trapped water can rise above flashing and deteriorate the underlying wood sheathing.



Wind DamageWind Damage Damage from the wind can affect any type of roof (wood shake/shingles, asphalt composition shingles). Asphalt composition shingles are most affected because they are light weight and once one shingle is lifted; entire sections can also blow off.



Inadequate/Improper WorkmanshipInadequate/Improper Workmanship Problems can occur on any type of roof, if the previous roofing contractor did not pay attention to detail or use the proper skills and technique needed for the roof repair. Problems may not occur immediately after the roof is repaired; it may take months for them to arise.




Splitting/BreakingSplitting/Breaking The felt paper installed under the shakes is what keeps your home watertight. The shakes are designed for aesthetics, but more importantly, they are designed to keep the sun from deteriorating the felt paper. Over time, shakes and shingles can dry out, deteriorate, curl, or split when exposed to the sun. When this occurs, the felt paper under the shakes is compromised and can result in leakage into the home. Signs of aging may appear sooner on sections of the roof depending on which side is exposed to the sun and wind the most.




Careless/Unprofessional Previous RepairsCareless/Unprofessional Previous Repairs When a homeowner or contractor is trying to cut costs or save time, they may feel pressure to pour roofing sealer all around a suspected leak area, without first identifying exactly where the leak is actually coming from.

Aside from the unprofessional appearance, careless repairs made in this manner can require a professional roofing company like Berlin Roofing & Energy Solutions to make a more costly, and complex subsequent repair than would otherwise be necessary.

One of the first steps in a proper repair project is dismantling the area to be repaired. This task becomes more difficult when everything in the project area is covered in roofing tar.

Why wait for the rain to show you that your roof leaks?

If you suspect your roof may have problems, Call us for a FREE ROOF INSPECTION and avoid the costly repairs a leak can cause in wood rot, drywall damage, mold issues, structural integrity. We will look at your roof and give you a general evaluation of the condition of your roof. If there are problem areas, such as listed above, we can make repairs or if needed consult you on a new roof.


If the rain has found its way into your Austin area home, call us today at our easy to remember number. Just dial 512-900-1751 from any mobile phone 24/7 for an emergency repair request.  OR contact us at your convenience  for a FREE ROOF INSPECTION and one of our professional and experienced estimators will trace the leak back to its source and give you a proposal to fix your leak.