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Austin Solar PV Systems                                                                                                                                                  We love Solar!

Berlin Roofing & Energy Solutions is a proud partner of Solar Community, one of the leading Solar System Integrators in the City of Austin. Their portfolio includes over 400 residential systems and more than 4MW of commercial installations.  Berlin Roofing & Energy Solutions recently provided roofing expertise on their 244.8kW Solar (PV) System on the Palmer Event Center in downtown Austin (See Video Below). With the extensive roofing and energy efficiency experience of Berlin Roofing & Energy Solutions along with our passion for renewable energy, our partnership with Solar Community was a natural fit. It enabled our residential customers piece of mind knowing that there will be Roofing Specialists assisting our Solar Installers and Solar Specialists assisting our roofing installers to assure homeowner warranties and an over all excellent product!

The BPI Certified staff at Berlin Roofing & Energy Solutions has also obtained several Solar PV certifications in both the design, economics, and shading analysis for Solar Systems and is a proud Alumni of Imagine Solar. Contact us today to schedule your no obligation shade analysis to see if your home and property is a good candidate for a Solar System. With our Austin Solar System products and applications, you can experience total independence from your Austin utility company.  The right solar system is both good for the environment and great for your pocket book! Find out today how harnessing the power and energy from the sun can provide a number of benefits for you, your business or your family.

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Rooftop installed Solar systems are growing exponentially and there are good reasons for that.  For instance, A 4 kW solar system will eliminate 10,000 pounds of carbon dioxide every year along with 91 pounds of Nitros Oxide. The enviromental impact from this alone is tremendous, providing the equivilant of planting 1.5 acres of trees.

In addition to the environmental benefits, a properly designed and installed Austin solar system can have a health impact on your bottom line.

With tax credits and rebates, along with the savings of eliminating or reducing your utitlity bill, you can look forward to the day (usually within about 10 years) when all of your energy costs will be reduced to zero. With the right financing, you can actually earn money from the utility companies within your first month and experience positive cash flow.

Enjoy the benefits of Berlin solar power:

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  • Energy independence
  • Protection against rising electrical rates
  • A sound financial investment
  • Reduce pollution
  • Reduce our dependence on foreign oil

What will my Return On Investment (ROI) be ?

With some general information including your energy usage record in KWH’S and utility company. Berlin Roofing & Energy Solutions can provide you with an estimated written detailed evaluation included in your proposal when you can expect to have your new Solar System paying you!

Contact Berlin Roofing & Energy Solutions today to find out if your a good candidate for solar and schedule your free shade analysis with our sun pathfinder tool!