Off Grid

Berlin Roofing & Energy Solutions partnered with Solar Community is pleased to introduce our customers to “Off Grid” solutions that few other Solar/Energy Management companies offer.
For example, when the power goes out, we feature the World’s Only “Secure Power System” by SMA. This innovative, “one of a kind” battery-less technology, is a “seriously” smart home energy solution.

The new Sunny Boy 3000TL-US/4000TL-US/5000TL-US Explore the resources below to see how the new TL-US series from SMA has changed residential solar forever.


WORLD’S ONLY SECURE POWER SUPPLY! SMA has pioneered the first and only Secure Power Supply (SPS), which will continue to deliver power from a solar array to the home when the sun is shining, even when the power goes out.

GROUNDBREAKING NEW FEATURES SMA is continuing its long history of innovative solar technology with the Sunny Boy TL-US. No other inverter offers the portfolio of unique, value-added features that the TL-US does, resulting in market-leading performance, flexibility and security.

SHADED ROOF? NO PROBLEM. The new TL-US series is the first inverter in North America to feature OptiTrac™ Global Peak shade mitigation technology. Tested and proven in Europe, this technology minimizes the effects of shading to maximize production. » Read the white paper
For the times when more extensive energy storage and battery backup power is desired, we feature (Grid interactive) Grid-tied Hybrid systems by Berlin Roofing & Energy Solutions, partnered with Solar Community and Outback Power Systems.


Radian AC-Coupled system

Getting more utility out of an existing grid-tied PV/solar system means adding AC-coupling.
OutBack’s solution brings Grid/Hybrid capability (grid-tied during normal conditions, off -grid when you really need it) to an existing grid-tied-only system by integrating a second smarter Radian inverter/charger along with a battery bank for energy storage.
The result is a system that saves money when the grid’s up and saves everything when it’s down by combining grid-tied savings with off -grid dependability and security.
OutBack’s system is the only AC-coupling solution that meets the UL-1741 standard from end-to-end.

Based on the renowned Radian inverter/charger and incorporating the new EON TechnologyTM batteries, OutBack’s 8 kW system takes features and technology proven in demanding off – grid applications and applies them to meet next-grid needs, including superior power quality and generator protection, and tighter voltage regulation to better handle dynamic grid conditions.
Built-in split/phase design eliminates the need for an external transformer, another benefit derived from the demanding off -grid world. AC-coupling represents the next step in renewable energy’s evolution for business and residential applications.



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