Hail Damage

Does my metal roof have hail damage?

Hail stones unlike ice balls are naturally formed and have jagged and sharp projections protruding beyond the body of the hail stone.thCAZKYZQG  This can cause roof impacts to initially be concentrated on the sharp projections of the hail stone rather than on the smoother rounder surface of an ice ball.  The impact energy of the hail stone being concentrated on the few projections of the hail stone causes the projections to dig into, gouge and develop micro-fracturing in the Galvalume coating on the steel surfaces.  This causes scratches and scrapes on the Galvalume surfaces which either penetrates through the coating or thins the coating at the impact sites.
The indentations from the hail stone impacts cause dimples to be formed in the roof metal at the impact sites.  These dimples become small basins that pond the water, retaining it after a rain or snow until it can evaporate.  Because of this the salts used on ice and snow as well impurities in the rain and road spatter that may land on the roofs are retained in the dimples.  When the water is evaporated from these dimples the impurities remain in the dimples to react with the thinned or removed scrapped and gauged coating on the steel surface.  Because they remain in the dimples the next rain or snow concentrates the strength of the impurities still further.  The net effect is to increase the concentration of the impurities causing an increasing rate of damage to the roofs at the hail stone impact sites.
thCA4HEBINBecause of this effect the functional damage to the roof is two fold.  The first is the water shedding capability allows for water to accumulate in the impact site dimples which concentrates the impurities and deleterious effects on the surface.  This reduces the life expectancy of the roof because of the damage caused by the imposition of the concentrated deleterious impurities.  The second is the scraping, gouging and formed micro-cracks on the surface thins or removes the coating on the steel roof sheet reducing the life expectancy of the Galvalume decking.
The combined effects of the two situations cause an increasing rate of functional damage to the roofs.  Because of the reduction in the long term service life of the roofs and the fact that the damage is distributed throughout the roof areas an entire roof must be replaced with significant hail damage. Contact us today for a free Metal Roof inspection in Leander, Austin, and the surrounding areas.